Aquatic Weed Control

Remove Harmful Weeds

Uncontrolled aquatic weeds can cause enormous problems in a body of water. They can negatively impact aesthetic appeal, interfere with recreational activities, stunt fish populations, give water a bad odor, deplete oxygen in the water, create a mosquito breeding ground, and much more.

Lakeshore Aquatics is a company that leads the way in removing and controlling all types of noxious pond weeds, including algae. In addition to periodic application, we offer full season service agreements that provide lake management programs based on preventative treatment and regular water inspection. Because most treatment methods are specific to the type of weed present, correct identification is crucial ‐ and difficult without the necessary expertise. Our trained and licensed technicians implement an integrated approach that incorporates physical, biological, and/or chemical methods based on the aquatic weeds present in each body of water.

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