Fountain & Aerator Installation & Management

Remove Harmful Weeds

The goal of installing an aerator into a body of water is to increase the dissolved oxygen levels, which stimulates the natural clean-up process, resulting in a beautiful, healthy body of water. Because aerators are environmentally safe and highly effective, Lakeshore Aquatics has made aeration equipment a foundation in many of our management programs.

Many of our customers request the installation of a display fountain to add to the aesthetic appeal of their body of water. A fountain feature can also provide essential aeration to the water, keeping it healthy and ecologically balanced. A free product catalog can be provided that will show the many different options available. We offer FREE fountain installation consultation and estimates based on your selection.

Lakeshore Aquatics is an approved Aqua Master distributor. Our technicians are trained by the manufacturer to install and maintain Aqua Master fountains and aerators. We are also capable of servicing and providing maintenance to all other major brands.

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